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It includes 4 different crop options all perfectly suited to your local climate and soil types. A production plan with a step by step covering all aspects of essential oils produced from soil preparation to planting, harvesting times and techniques, and finally the skill full distillation of quality plant extracts. The offtake agreement and market demand for the next decade.

All motivated by a good return on investment. This is a bankable document, assures any investor whether private or institutional proving it to be a sound and consistent business.

We supply the Knowhow, seed and distillation equipment. The farmer has the land, irrigation, Machinery, labor and finance to ensure success.

An online record system where the entire production cycle is recorded and monitored. Every step of the production cycle including photos are entered into the system via an email or smartphone by the farmer. This information is analyzed and used to send weekly tasks to the farmer. These tasks include watering schedules, fertilizer application, weeding and all aspects of the business. Leading to determine the quantities and quality of plant extracts from the trial.