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Baseus Encok Bluetooth Earphone S06 RED

Baseus Encok Bluetooth Earphone S06 RED

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  • At Baseus, our products are based on our users. Quality, attention to detail and intuitive designs are all aspects which we pride ourselves with. Full product name: Baseus Encok Bluetooth Earphone S03 Silver+Black Product model number: NGS03-01 Main features: - Communication distance: 10 meters - Standby time: 100 hours - Music time: 6 hours - Call time: 5 hours - Battery capacity: 80 mAh. - Frequency response range: 20Hz - 20 KHz. Secondary features: - Vibrating Call reminder: We have incorporated a built-in micro-vibrator in the headset to ensure that our users will be aware of incoming phone calls despite a noisy environment. - Operating instructions: The user can play, pause answer and hang up with a single short press of the ?O? button, the device will start up or shut down after a five second long press of the ?O? button. - Magnetic fixture: The magnets within the earphone cavities attract each other allowing the user to carry the headset around the neck without having it fall off during exercise. - Natural tone quality: The 6mm composite membrane speaker unit has a custom Bluetooth EQ adjustment that ensures smooth and natural sound. - Oblique volcano design: The ear cap is specifically designed with a soft material to fit perfectly in the users ear and to avoid ear pain, while also providing an elegant shape and smooth texture. - ABS plastic: We have used a robust grade of ABS plastic offering additional strength to the sound chamber/ Cavity and control system making it more durable. - Aluminium alloy: This fine texture design will not only protect the internal mechanisms of the earphones, but also ensures a fashionable design that is durable. Please Note: - Attached products: 4 piece earmuffs, one charging cable. - Charging time: 2 hours

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