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Books & eBooks

Santa's Personalized Christmas Book


This is the personalized heirloom story book whose pages trace the journey of a child's letter as it..

The 150 Inventions That Changed The World


This book ranks the 150 most important inventions—from the ice cream scoop to the personal computer—..

The Complete Cartoons Of The New Yorker


This book has 2,083 classic black-and-white cartoons from The New Yorker magazine, world-renowned fo..

The Complete New York Times Of Your Birth Date


This is the reproduction of the The New York Times that printed on the day you were born, or any oth..

The Complete Paintings Of The Louvre


This is the meticulously curated tome that catalogs all 3,022 paintings on display at the Mus..

The Complete Paintings of the Vatican


This is reverently curated volume of Vatican art detailing the 1,206 masterpieces held in the collec..

The Definitive Visual History Of Photography


This is the history that explores the past 200 years of photography, highlighting the key images and..

The Exact First Edition Great Expectations


This is the first edition of Charles Dickens’ literary masterpiece Great Expectations, reproduced ex..

The Exact Reproduction 1896 Kelmscott Chaucer


This is the exact reproduction of The Works of Geoffrey Chaucer as produced by William Morris’ renow..

The Exact Reproduction Mark Twain Library


This is the collection of Mark Twain classics reproduced exactly as they first appeared in print. Pu..

The Exact Reproduction Tom Sawyer And Huckleberry Finn


These books are exact reproductions of first edition prints of Mark Twain’s most iconic works, The A..

The Exact Reproduction Wizard of Oz Book


Reuniting readers with Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow, this is the exact..

The Exact Reproduction Wizard of Oz Library


Reuniting readers with Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow, this is the exact..

The Friars Club Roasts DVD Collection


This is the DVD collection of classic Friars Club roasts of celebrities from the 60s and 70s includi..

The Illustrated History Of The Railroad


This is the comprehensive guide to the history, design, and impact of rail travel around the world. ..

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