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Entrepreneurship Deals

Entrepreneurship Deals

Entrepreneurship Deals 

I have land, now what?

Do you have land and not sure how to proceed? This persona is just for you, click and explore our various options

Just graduated!

Just graduated and feel you can start your own business? Check out our various products streamlined just for you!

I want to make my home self sustainable

Are you looking to make your home self sustainable? Want to generate your power, grow your own food, produce your own gas and so much more? Then check out our offerings. 

I love cooking, let's make moola from it

Do you enjoy cooking and believe you can make a living doing so? Then let's guide you, let's help you start your own cooking business. 

Home schooling parents

Are you a homeschooling parent and looking to make extra money to cover your expenses? Check out our homeschooling offerings and see how you can make extra income. 

Hustling Student

Are you looking to make some money to support yourself while studying? Check out our various products strictly designed for you.

Retrenched employee

Being retrenched is not the end of the world, be your own boss and start your own business. Check out our various product offerings. We have used the latest business trends to formulate these products

Foreigner in Mzansi

Are you a foreigner living legally in South Africa? Let's help you start your own business, check out our various product offerings aimed at helping you survive and help our beautiful country


Are you concerned about the state of our planet and keen to survive off the grid or make money using natural and sustainable ways? Check out these various products aimed at saving our preciou

Money ain't a thing!

You've got money and want to start a business? Check out these products now, end of discussion!

Social Media influencer

Do you have the ability to make a product go viral? Are you popular on Social media or passionate about social media? Monetize your personality, let's show you how. View our various product o

Looking to work from home

Are you looking to work from home and make a living doing so? Check out our offerings.