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Chicken House - 50 Birds

Chicken House - 50 Birds

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  • R34,498.62

Training included 

Chicken houses are used to keep chicken out of the elements as well as keep them to a certain area.

Using newly hatched chicks from the Incubators, they can grow up out of harms way and be ready, with minimal losses, to be sold at the market  

Basic Breakdown per batch:

1. 100 day old chicks at *R720 

2. 8 Bags of 50kg feed (starter, grower and finisher mash) at approx *R300 per bag - Total *R2400 

3. 3 bags of wood shavings - Total R90 Total Required: *R3210

Turn:- 100 chickens (±2kg each selling at *R35 per kg) Total *R7000 Less Mortality ave 5% Total income then R6650 

Net Profit (in your pocket) - Per 6 weeks *R3440 

Size: 1.4x2.8x1.3m

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