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Egg Incubators - 1056 eggs

Egg Incubators - 1056 eggs

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Training Included 

Egg Incubators warm up the egg imitating how a hen would care for her own eggs

Fertile eggs are placed into incubators for 21 days for chicks to hatch. Day old chicks are removed from hatcher and reared for 4-6 weeks inside the chicken house and then sold.

Power: 260w

Temperature: ±0.1°C

Temperature Display:  5-50ºC

Humidity Display: 0-99%RH

Humidity Controlling Precision: ±5%RH

Output Approach: 7

Output Current: Temperature Control, Low Temperature: 10A, Others: 1A Egg Turnover Times: Maximum Record 999 times

Egg Turnover Cycle: 0.1-99.9 hours, Adjustable (Factory Settings: 1.5 Hour)

Egg Turnover Time: 1-255 Seconds, Adjustable (Factory Settings 180 Seconds) Ventilation Cycle: 5-999 Minutes, Adjustable (Factory Settings 0 Hours, no ventilation) Ventilation Time: 0-999 Seconds, Adjustable (Factory Settings 30 Seconds) Measurement Line Length: about 1.5m

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