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Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

12 Holes Ocarina Ceramic Alto C Legend of Zelda Ocarina Flute Blue Instrument - BLUE


Main Features: It has a dark blue glaze, there is also a platinum glaze..

The Children's Learn To Play Keyboard


This is the keyboard that teaches children to play using comprehensive instructional software author..

The Electric Violin


This is the solid-body electric violin that produces rich tone from a built-in piezo pickup. Only av..

The Learn To Play Violin


This hand-carved solid wood violin and instructional DVD help aspiring virtuosos learn finger placem..

The Learn-To-Play Illuminated Keyboard


This is the keyboard that teaches aspiring musicians to play via illuminated keys. The 61 keys illum..

The Maui Pocket Xaphoon


This is the woodwind that is small enough to fit in a pocket yet produces a rich, vibrant sound simi..

The Performance Enhancing Karaoke


This is the karaoke system that elevates the singing of any participant to diva or rock star level. ..

The Tap A Tune Musical Gloves


These are the musical gloves that convert any surface into a keyboard thanks to embedded sensors tha..

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