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Exercise & Fitness

Exercise & Fitness

The Adjustable Aquaweights


These are the adjustable dumbbells that harness water resistance to tone muscles and burn calories a..

The Arm Toning Walking Weights


These weights have a unique L shape that works the triceps and tones the arms while walking. Each 1 ..

The Briefcase Fitness Center


This is the portable gym that provides a rigorous, full-body workout yet folds to the size of a brie..

The Floor Protecting Gym Mat


This is the non-slip gym mat that bears the brunt of impacts created by home exercise equipment to p..

The Foldaway Recumbent Exercise Bicycle


This is the recumbent exercise bicycle that folds in seconds to half its set-up size for unobtrusive..

The Foldaway Resistance Gym


This is the resistance exercise machine that provides a total body workout yet folds up to a remarka..

The Foldaway Rowing Machine


With five resistance levels, this rowing machine delivers a full-body home workout yet easily folds ..

The Hideaway Elliptical Trainer


This is the compact elliptical trainer that provides the same lower leg motion as full-sized ellipti..

The Only Seated Strider


This is the mini-strider that provides a low-impact cardiovascular workout while you are seated. Wit..

The Power Assist Pedaler


This exercise pedaler provides a power-assisted leg workout for individuals with limited mobility to..

The Side To Side Leg Exerciser


This is the leg exerciser that uses a unique lateral gliding motion to strengthen and tone the inner..

The Traveler's Water Weights


These are the portable weights that include water-filled medicine balls, dumbbells, and resistance b..

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