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Urban farming and self sustainability - Live Workshop

Urban farming and self sustainability - Live Workshop

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Do you own land or space within an urban area and not sure how to use? You want to monetize the space or live sustainably? Look no further, come and be inspired! Come see us do the following within a confined space.

Come experience true Urban farming, we will show you how to do the following

1. Bio-digester - You will experience first-hand how we produce our cooking gas using our organic waste, once set up it would produce you with all the cooking gas you need forever! 

2. Greenhouse - The greenhouse allows us to grow our seedlings and also manage the temperature required to grow certain crops during winter.

 3. Urban garden - Experience growing over 80 different plants within a small area. 

4. Fish Pond – Producing fish such as Tilapia and Catfish within your property

 5. Solar energy system – Deploy your own solar system, power equipment, household devices and so much more using your own power. 

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